Tuesday, 14. July 2009

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Ok, I THINK I fixed the first episode.  Consider what was posted before to be a sneak preview or teaser, please!  You should be able to hear this one better and maybe get to hear the whole thing.  I’ll add it to the previous post too, but here it is!  Next episode is recorded and will be up as soon as I can edit it.

One final note: I am still working on getting this syndicated through iTunes and the other podcast aggregators, I do know how much easier that will make it to listen and download this.  For now, when you click through on the player, click on the arrow on the right hand side of the player, and choose “Save as Source” to download to your computer, iTunes, whatever.  This is on a Mac, using Quicktime, I think other players have a slightly different way of dealing with it.  But you can actually download, I tested it!

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  2. Ivan Says:

    Really, really glad this got fixed! Thank you very much for putting it out there. The informal tone works really well for this program, I think, and I’d encourage you to keep up with it.

    I’d love to hear a show on the barter economy – actually, what I’d love to hear is how much others think their work is worth in said economy. We use one in our community, L with jewelry and me with Webwork, but we each have a different sliding scale in our minds when we set up the verbal contracts. If it’s that different in one household, I imagine it’s really wonky across the continent or world.

    Additionally, I’d be interested in knowing how the studio you’re in is set up. Mandy seemed rather far from the mike at times, which was not really an issue but could become one in future interviews. Your own voice is very strong throughout, which is the biggest thing : )

    Thanks again for putting this out there! I’m anxious to hear episode #002.

    - Ivan

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